C3, the missing piece

The Cybersecurity Competence Center (C3) is the missing piece in helping Business to face the cyber risks, a priority since more than 15 years in Luxembourg. The first initiatives were born in the very beginning of the Century, thanks to the impetus of the Ministry of Economy.

C3, the missing puzzle piece

Cyberworld Awareness and Security Enhancement Services

the CASES team devotes itself to develop tools and services for the managemnt and prevention of risks for public and private entities in Luxembourg.

Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg

CIRCL is an initiative designed to provide a systematic and fast response to IT security threats and incidents. CIRCL is the CERT specifically dedicated to the private sector, municipalities and non-governmental entities in Luxembourg. CIRCL’s pragmatic approach aims to meet the needs of Luxembourg entities to face cyber threats, and by that fosters the development of a secure and stable economy.


The SECURITYMADEIN.LU portal is the link between the above public cybersecurity initiatives and the local ecosystem.

The Cybersecurity Competence Center

The C3, in close cooperation with private sector partners, will empower businesses to better protect themselves through its:

OBSERVE Threats and Vulnerabilities Observatory

Be aware of the latest threats and vulnerabilities

The first pillar aims to increase the collection of strategic data and information about ongoing threats to help businesses and organizations protect themselves. The knowledge and identification of threats are essential to differentiate between legitimate and malicious activities.

In the near future, the Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform and the Open Source Risk Management Platform, will be set-up in a way that reinforces user protection in real time.

Watch the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Become a C3 partner and find out many possibilities to dig into the enormous mine of threat and vulnerability intelligence.


Your defensive shield will become invincible stronger than ever.

TEST Testing Facility

Test your cyber resilience

This pillar consists of offering testing services for different categories of needs.

Startups & SMEs

  • Network security assessment (basic scanning)
  • Network security testing (penetration tests) for C3 members
  • Honeynet-based resilience tests for startup products
  • Usability tests for security products


Urgency/Emergency network scanning (e.g. Heartbleed, SSL/TLS vulnerability) including notification about vulnerability via CIRCL


Security focused assessment of products for investors (e.g. as a decision help for potential investments)

Internal product testing

  • Forensic tools evaluation (CIRCL)
  • In-house developed tools testing (e.g. CIRCLean, MISP, AIL)

Put your best ideas to the test

Become a C3 partner and start to test your ideas and development to deliver safe products.


Test your network and products. Become more resilient.

TRAIN Training and Simulation Platform

Train your teams to prevent and react to incidents

This pillar aims to provide a more extensive catalogue of cybersecurity trainings in order to meet the diversity of the needs. It will also be able to use the resources of the 2 other pillars to improve and make the trainings even more concrete and realistic.

In this catalogue, the Room 42 – Do[n’t] Panic is one of the key concepts around gaming and simulation. It allows employees of a company to face a cyber-attack in an immersive and playful environment, and in real time.


Learn to recognize the danger from a distance. Don’t be the next victim.