Be Aware - cybersecurity for everyone


Don’t suffer in silence

Target audience: Everyone
Languages: FR / EN / DE / LB
Duration: 3 hours
Level: basic
Price: 1000 € (per group of 5 to 25)
     (all prices are understood VAT excluded)

Training info

Information security within a given organisation depends above all on individual and collective behaviour. The management’s role is therefore fundamental in making sure that everyone adopts good practices and that the way work is organised does not open up a breach in security


  • Understanding the basics of information security
  • Acquiring the right reflexes
  • Learning how to protect the information assets (private or professional)


  1. Introduction
    • Invisible danger, unbelievable threats and optical illusions
    • Identify threats and vulnerabilities
    • Protect yourself
  2. Basics
    • Wear helmet and shield
    • Keep secrets
    • Build battlements
  3. Protection
    • Human factor: the weak link
    • Human factor: the strong link
    • Social engineering: some gifts are poisoned
    • Message in a bottle: do you know where it comes from?
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